Pyrocool fire suppression in aerosol

PYROCOOL Fire Suppression in AEROSOL

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PyrocoolNow available: the PYROCOOL Aerosol Portable Fire Suppression System - a highly effective, portable fire extinguisher in a convenient PERSONAL AEROSOL. 

PYROCOOL IS A BETTER CHOICE for many reasons. It utilizes a non-toxic foam that cools and extinguishes fires without creating a risk to human health. It can be used in confined spaces as it does not release poisonous gases like traditional CO2 extinguishers do. Pyrocool does not contain VOC's, CFC's, or carcinogenic chemicals. There are No corrosive effects on electronics like dry-powder extinguishers.

The special alloy casing is rust-proof and protected against salt-water corrosion. Pyrocool is easy to use and will operate in any orientation- even upside down. It is easy clean up after use on a fire as the foam acts like soap! Pyrocool is environmentally neutral and completely biodegradable.

Best of all, Pyrocool comes at a VERY reasonable cost. 


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Pyrocool has been specifically designed for use for: Boaters, campers, RV users, home & shop use, construction sites, cars, trucks, motorcycles and small aircraft.

PYROCOOL rapidly extinguishes small fires involving :

Wood, Gasoline, Fibreglass, Fabrics, Diesel, Plastics, Paper, Kerosene, Batteries, Clothing, Propane, Magnesium, Wood, Coal, Cooking Greases & Oils

The PYROCOOL Portable Fire Suppression system is comparable to Class 5-BC. It also meets the minimum Transport Canada requirements for pleasure craft.

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Each can weighs about 1 lb. (450 g) and has a shelf life of four years and has a UPC Bar Code.

car firePyrocool is the only Fire Fighting Product to receive the (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency's prestigious Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award!

Testing Certifications: available upon request - just call us at (281) 309-0053.

A 12 can case of Pyrocool Aerosols weighs approx. 14 lbs. Shelf life of the Aerosols: In excess of over 4 years and the cans are dated. Our Aerosols are rustproof, non-poisonous, non-magnetic.

pan firePyrocool Aerosol is the same foam used so successfully in Airport, Marine, Refinery, Gasolene & Galley grease fires! Pyrocool extinguishes small fires in SECONDS not minutes and can be operated in any position (even upside down!).

Storage Temperature: Store above 32F (0C) But if frozen, thaw before use.

Pyrocool is Fire Extinguishing Foam (FEF) providing exceptional properties not only for the extinguishment of a wide variety of liquid, solid and flammable metals and materials, but effects instant cooling of the involved materials as well as the substrates, and inhibits flash-back and re-ignition, without generating any noxious, carcinogenic or poisonous fumes, powders, detritus, ash or sediments.



PyroCool Fire Suppression



Specifications & Prices

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Pyrocool in Aerosol

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